Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Term Research Project

My project was on the effects of new media in medicine. In my project I wanted to get the point across that new media has effected the medicine industry in a great way but also has thier flaws that should be corrected in the near future

The Next New Media

One form of new media that would make students lives easier is thought recognition software. this would be software that would be able to write your thoughts for example when you are writing an essay. It would save you time and a lot of sleep. Another innovation would be text messages that alert you when your professors post up new assignments on blackboard. So many students work as well as go to school so this would save a lot of students time that they can use towards doing assignments for other classes

Monday, December 1, 2008

Old v. New

one way you can distinguish new media from old is by determining the speed that it can be obtained. for example it is faster and more convenient to see a newspaper online than acually buying one. On the internet you can pick which article to read instead of looking through pages to see which article is available. you can also see previous articles that you may have missed and are curious to read. Another way to determine it is by the quality and availabilty of information that is at ones fingertips. The accessibility of information is what determines what new media really is. New media give us, the users, the ability to have inforrmation when it is asked for which makes people become more interactive with new media.

Advice to Baruch College

Some things that can be use to improve the college is is text message services that is synced with blackboard. Out of experience, sometimes it is hard to keep up with blackboard when you are working and going to school. There should be a service which send students a text message when there is a new post from the classes they are taking. It might make it a little easier to always be aware of any changes made or posted on your blackboard classes. Another good suggestions would be giving students a email warning of outstanding printings that you haven't printed. it might be useful in case you forget to print some work.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Checking Out Some Social Networking Sites

There are many different social networking sites. There are four that i took a look at that kind of caught my eye and a known. These networking sites are myspace, facebook, friendster and zoosk. Myspace is one of the most famous sites that i know of. On myspace, you can find some of your current friends and also make new ones from anywhere that myspace is available like in other countries. The user also has the power to make thier homepage as personal as they want with custom backgrounds and custom homepages for other people to see. You also have the choice to add applications like game in order to distract yourself for a little bit and do something else. Facebook is similar to myspace in that you can find people you already know and meet new people. It is less personal i find because you can't really personalize your page with wallpaper and themes. Friendster is like facebook in that is simple and allows a person to state the information that the user wants to give. One of the things i liked about friendster is that it shows any connections you might have with that person like people that you and another user might have in common. Zoosk is another social networking website that is more of a dating thing then any other thing. You see peoples profiles or date cards how they call it and you have a choice of either sending them a wink or sending them a flirtacious message. I find it too simple and they actually want people to subcribe and pay different amounts for different priviliges. I say zoosks is more like a simplified version of eharmony and websites like that

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Social Networking and Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds and social networking sites can be usable by corporations and companies as a way to communicate with their employees outside of the workplace. for example virtual worlds can be used to also communicate with worldwide partners that cannot be in person at a specific time. They can also use social networking and virtual worlds website to send a message or memo to a group of people at a convenient time. The benefit of these technologies to society is that it lets people communicate easily. You can speak to family members that are in another state or country. It can also let people who have trouble socializing and meeting people to break that barrier of shyness. I don't think there is a darkside to social networking and virtual worlds. In the future, who knows what new features will be shown. I believe everything that can be done has been done when it comes to social networking and virtual networking sites is done but i can be wrong.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baruch New Media - Our Class Wiki - So Far

Right now i am gathering information on the different forms of new media in sports. for example on espn there is a program where one has to manage a team of their choice, at the current moment it is football, and you have to bench players, trade and all the things a manager has to do. Also i am researching if sports players have blog videos or blog posts. So far some sport players have myspace accounts. That also goes for the music page that i am going to contribute to.